February 23, 2018

Soapier-Helping People Stay Clean!

When you read it like that you have no idea that Soapier is in fact not some Dial type line of soap or Simple Green range of products. It is in fact, a full line of bath and body products created to delight your senses with such scents as Bergamot & Coriander or Beach Breezes. I tested out three of the products from Soapier and came away with these thoughts.
Soapier’s Lucious body lotion ($12 for 12 oz.) is thicker than it appeared in its long-necked bottle and a lot creamier too. It goes on smooth and doesn’t leave behind a residue of any sorts. It is far more moisturizing than I thought. The scent of Bergmaot and Coriander was not overpowering either. For some reason, I sensed it might be rather strong but I was pleasantly surprised.
The same goes for Soapier’s Lush body wash ($12 for 12 oz.) in the same light scent. It lathers amazingly! I actually had a soap bubble float through the air in my shower one day while using it. It is a bit grainy for exfoliating, which did not match what I thought of when I read the bottle but it works well and leaves a nice, soft lasting scent. My skin felt smoother too.
Next up is the Pink Grapefruit body scrub ($25 for 16 oz.). I adore body scrubs in salt or sugar format. Soapier has both, but I tried the sugar alternative only. It takes a bit of mixing when using it but I find that most scrubs worth using do need this step. Once mixed, this scrub exfoliates skin gently but effectively. The grapefruit scent takes a while to get going smelling only mildly sweet at first but by the time I was done using it my whole bathroom smelled like pink grapefruits which I loved!
Soapier products are easy to order and they arrive quickly. The packaging is a bit young and the products would appeal to most women but also to a younger group as well. They make a great gift for that tween to teen girl in your life as they would a friend. They sell kids products and great accesories like loofahs too.
Right now through August 1, 2008 Soapier is offering a 15% off coupon. Coupon code: BLOG1.
GIVEAWAY- I’m offering one body wash and body lotion to a lucky reader too! All you need to do is comment here on and I will draw a winner at random on June 22. Don’t forget your information so I can contact you!


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  7. I love discovering new bath & body products. I just went a placed an order for some of the beautiful soap slices for some family members who have birthdays coming up. I wouldn't mind winning sme products for myself as well. What a great idea – Thanks! amie1978(@)hotmail(dot)com