February 23, 2018

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food

If I could give an award to something it would be Ella’s Kitchen!  I love the idea of fruit and vegetables combined into one packet that I can throw in a purse, the car or diaper bag.  I keep them on me at all times and from baby number three to my five year-old Ella’s Kitchen food is a magical thing.  Everyone wants one and they want them all the time!

Made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables the purees are in handy squeezable packs that come in single food variety or an array of clever mixes.  Broccoli, Pears and Peas anyone?  Yes, please!  I love that I can get my oldest to suck down some veggies without any complaints. The girl won’t touch a carrot, pea or potato anymore. It’s all carbs and I fear for her digestive tract.  Ella’s Kitchen was created by a Dad for his kids.  He wanted something healthy and portable.  He came up with Ella’s Kitchen and now there is a whole selection from First Tastes, Baby Brekkie to Smoothies and more. 

One of the best parts about Ella’s Kitchen pouches is that I can give them to all my kids. When the box for review came to our door it was just days before our Thanksgiving car trip to West Virginia. I knew that these fruit and vegetable packs were going to make the car ride a lot smoother.  Each girl loves them, devours them and asks for more. My one year-old can eat them in the car and I don’t worry about her choking. 

Ella’s Kitchen makes many flavors from one fruit or vegetable to combinations of both.  You can even use them in recipes!  They are available at many grocery stores and retailers like Target and Amazon.com and more.