January 19, 2018

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Parents: How to Choose the Best Tutoring Company

By Miriam Holt, Parliament Tutors You’ve decided it’s time to find a tutor to get through your course or help you pass an exam, so you turn to your favorite search engine, and within seconds you’re drowning in listings from tutoring agencies and independent tutors, all vying for your attention.  How do you navigate through […]

Renaissance Hotel- Times Square, New York

Last month H and I had the chance to head up to NYC and take in a show and be on one.  Having never been to New York City proper H wanted to stay right smack in the middle of Times Square.  We booked a night at the Renaissance Times Square (a Marriott property) and here […]

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo

I love dry shampoo. I’m a person with fine hair that gets oily at the roots by the end of the day. I love that I can spray in a dry shampoo and look a little bit better at the gym or on early morning errands. Not all dry shampoos are made up of the same […]

Dig/Don’t Dig- Tresemme FreshStart & Elnett Satin Hair Spray

The Mummy Chronicles is under construction right now so this week’s installment of “Dig/Don’t Dig” is coming to you via MPR. Got questions? Need advice on a product or want one to be reviewed. Just send me an email at veamason AT gmail DOT com.

Low Maintenance Looks

As a very busy mother of three kids under the age of five I am always looking for ways AND products that help me streamline my morning routine.  The Mummy Chronicles has a great post this week about how to Look Awake! and a list of products that assist in this sometimes difficult task. I […]

Open Call for Guest Bloggers

WANTED:  Guest bloggers who want to share ideas, tips, tricks and advice on products and all things beauty, fashion, travel, cars and green living.  You want to talk about your obsession with lip gloss? Go ahead!  Love the new models rolling out of Detroit?  Tell me about and share with MPR’s readers.  I’m looking for bloggers […]