February 21, 2018

RazorPit Review

When items such as the RazorPit filter into my inbox I have a tendency to look the other way. It seems gimmicky.  Then I go to my local Target to pick up some razor blades for myself and my husband and I feel like I need to take out a loan.  Hello, people at RazorPit?  I’m ready for my review now.

The RazorPit is a razor blade sharpener.  Plain and simple it works with all razor blades and can increase the use of a single blade up to 150 times.  Using friction technology (that stand has give to it like skin) it removes residue, hair, soap and skin from the blade letting you use the the blade a whole lot more.  I tested it out this weekend after realizing my razor needed to shave my leg three times in one spot to get a clean, close shave.

To use the RazorPit you need only to apply your shave cream, gel or soap to the RazorPit’s flat surface.  Run your razor forwards about 4-5 times.  Rinse both the RazorPit and razor clean and you are done. Pretty simple and fast.  It worked too!  I immediately took my razor and went down the front of my calf.  The whole line was smooth and clean with no need to retrace. I’m ridiculously happy I don’t have to replace my blade again! I ran it through the RazorPit a few more times for good measure. My husband tested his out too and it seems that the more blades you have (Mach 3 Turbo) the less success you might have. His worked out but not as noticeably sharpened as my dual blade.

The RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener (about $25) is sold online at Amazon (pink, black and white colors available) and the company website.

MPR Rating:  Four Stars (out of five).

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR’s only.