February 24, 2018

Sun Ridge Farms Organic & Natural Foods

Powered by 70% solar energy (at peak usage) and located in Pajaro, CA, SunRidge Farms is an all natural, organic snack food company.  Founded in 1982 and a certified green business this is a company that pays its employees if they bike to work.  That’s wonderful! I wish there were more places that operated this way. 

But what about the snacks, right? 

I tried the Organic Cranberry Harvest mix ($4.65) which has a great combination of dried apples, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, giant almonds and even some dark chocolate chips.  It’s a nice mixture that I loved to eat right after I left the gym or was running errands and getting a bit hungry.  I thought there were a bit too many chocolate chips for my taste but then again it is January and I’m trying to eat less sugar.  Overall, I thought the combination of sweet and tangy was great and I would definitely eat it again. 

I also had the Thai Curry Cashews and the Dark Chocolate Almonds. Swoon, to both!  The Thai Curry Cashews are a great source of protein that also have no artificial dyes, additives or colors.  Packed with curry seasoning but not overpowering I really enjoyed this different, crunchy snack.  The same goes for the Dark Chocolate Almonds.  A few at a time has become the answer to my mid-afternoon snack attack.  When I want something sweet the dark chocolate is perfect but I still get a bit of protein and sustenance from the almonds. 

SunRidge Farms makes a variety of snack mixes, in-house roasted nuts and even confections.  You can purchase them online at their website.

MPR Rating:  Four Stars (out of five).

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR’s only.