February 21, 2018

Breath Slim Weight Loss

Fun Find-  Now here is a product that I need to devote more time to.  My efforts to lose the last of my baby weight from my third child are going well.  I’ve been running three times a week for a month now.  However, the addition of the Breath Slim device to this month’s weight loss regime should be interesting.

What is Breath Slim?

Breath Slim is a technology for weight loss.  By using breathing techniques with the device you are supposed to lose weight and gain energy.  More energy to work out and gain strength!

Breath Slim technology is based on direct action on fatty tissue using just the inner workings of your respiratory system. Breath slim technology allows you to use the energy released as a result of burning fatty tissue, increasing the activity of the whole body. Breath slim technology is based on changing of breathing pattern. As a result, the amount of oxygen getting from the inhaled air into blood vessels increases drastically. This leads to complete fat burning.


Breath Slim is supposed to suppress your appetite and improve metabolism, recharge your nervous system and immune system too.  Now the premise seems possible since yoga and pilates use breathing techniques to restore you and help you become and stay fit.  So I am willing to test this product out.  My issue with it right now is just finding the time.  The time to watch the DVD and sit down each day for 20 minutes and breathe into a tube.

I’ll let you know how it all works out.

Breathe Slim is available online at the BreathSlim website.