January 19, 2018

IT&LY Pure Volumizing Eco Hairspray

Used by celebrity hair stylists on stars like Nicole Kidman and Katherine Heigl It&ly Hairfashion Pure Volumizing Eco hairspray ($) is a lightweight spray that is adds volume while being long-lasting and ecological.

I liked the clean fragrance of this eco hairspray. It kept my hair in place all day even in windy weather. Only a little is needed with this non-aersol spray. I sprayed it at the roots and my hair stayed. Using it on velcro rollers is great too. My only issue with this product was that it sprays out very wet and a little bit goes a long way. I didn’t realize that the first time I used it and had crunchy hair, which I don’t love at all.

This spray also protects the hair from harmful UV rays. It is packed with Vitamin B5 and works well as a volumizer and hairspray.

You can purchase IT&LY Pure Volumizing Eco Hairspray at salons nationwide.