February 21, 2018

Valentine’s Day- God Gave Us Love

Valentine’s Day is special to me. It is my father’s birthday and a day where I like to show my friend’s and family I love them through cards and cookies.  I don’t care for commercialization or that some people say, “if you really love someone you show them all year.”  Nope, V-day is an extra. An added excuse for me to make cards and bake things.  Which is how I show my love a lot anyway.

Each year my kids wake up to homemade Valentine’s on their doors.  They are not works of art but the girls love them.

I also gave them this book- God Gave Us Love
by Lisa Tawn Bergren

It is a delightfully sweet and touching book about how we can show our children “God-sized” love.  Through the eyes of a polar bear cub and his Grandpa your child will see how sometimes even those we think are unlikable we can show our love.  A great find for little ones any time of year.

Visit Amazon today to purchase your copy of God Gave Us Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!