February 18, 2018

IO Beauty Eye Concentrate

IO Beauty Eye Concentrate is a lightweight, smooth eye cream that can be used both day and night to help moisturize the delicate skin around your eye and help prevent wrinkles.  It can restore firmness and elasticity over time as well.

I have been using the IO Beauty Eye Concentrate ($35) for about two weeks and have noticed a few things.  First, I love that I can use it both day and night. It is light enough for day but also a creamy, hydrating formula that works great for night.  While not a rollerball type of eye treatment it does hlep reduce puffiness in the morning.  I have found that it isn’t a drastic reduction but it does help with the puffiness on a small level.  My skin feels plumper too.  IO Beauty Eye Concentrate is dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested and doesn’t contain SPF, which is something I look for in an eye cream.  That skin is so fragile, I want to protect it to the max.  I will keep using this eye concentrate and see if I notice the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

MPR Rating: Three Stars.


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