January 19, 2018

Language Stars- Fluent in Fun!

Language Stars is a fun, full immersion foreign language program that started in Chicago, IL and now has branches here in the DC Metro area.  Classes start for ages 1 and go up to age 10.  Children can learn from five languages like Mandarin, Spanish, German, French and Italian. There are many options for ages and times and the basic class ages 1-3 runs about an hour and a half.

Using native speaking teachers each class is based on fun, games and projects for the children to do with each other and the teacher.  When we went to the 1-3 French class my 18 month-old and 3 year-old immediately got involved.  Who wouldn’t?  The singing into microphones, marching and dancing, snack time and coloring were all done in French.  The oldest caught on about repeating words halfway through the small class.  Classes do not exceed a 1-8 child/teacher ratio and there were two teachers in our class of three kids.  As the children get older they are placed in 85 minute to 3 hour long classes 1-2 times a week.  In these classes they work in small groups of 4-8 kids.  From watching and participating in our classes and seeing others in action I have to say there is a lot going on.  The energy is high in each class. It’s contagious too!

As a parent I loved that while my kids were learning and I was brushing up on a language I studied for years they were also learning about emotions and sizes.  Animals and colors were being taught as well.  I love that the benefits of learning a second language exceed just that idea.  They expand a child’s world view and let them learn to appreciate other cultures.  Children who learn a second language also perform better in math and have increased problem solving skills.

The best part was seeing how excited my girls were with learning something new.  As someone who never liked play place settings for them as babies or little gym set-ups I found Language Stars to be wildly fun and educational.  The girls were active in mind and body, which is the best thing to me. We spent the rest of the week learning new words and phrases on our own and have since picked up a deck of French flash cards to use as well.

Language Stars has multiple locations in the DC Metro area and is continuing to expand.  Locations in Chicago are also available.  You can choose a Summer program as well as the one that follows the school year.  While it might seem a bit expensive, discounts and free first time classes are available.  To me, you cannot beat total immersion with foreign language.  Language Stars directors and teachers are very involved and offer a lot of attention to the students. It is a truly a clean, enriching, fun and educational atmosphere.

To find a Language Stars near you visit the Language Stars website or call 1.866.55.STARS.


MPR Rating: Five Stars.


Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post. Products/classes received were for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR’s only.