February 24, 2018

Spiritually Savvy Books for Kids

Fun Find- Spiritually Savvy Kids book series by Kathy Walsh is a great way for you to read to your children and connect with them as they learn to connect to their hearts.  By reading books by Walsh’s Spiritually Savvy series they can understand how best to express their feelings, think positively and learn emotional strengths while having some quiet time with you.

My girls found the Spiritually Savvy Kids ($12) series to be colorful and thought-provoking.  I found that each time I read one of the books in this collection it opened us up for discussions after the story that we might not have otherwise gotten into.  I enjoyed the positive message and open discussion about feelings that each book presented.  Books based on gratitude, showing love and how to express emotions in a positive way are wonderful for children at any age.

You can purchase the entire collection of Spritually Savvy books online.




  1. Sounds like a great series. I will have to look into them for Riley.