February 18, 2018

Stellaluna DVD

Fun Find- The story of  Stellaluna is a treasured one in our home.  My oldest received a copy of the Janell Cannon’s inspiring story of a lost fruit bat as a toddler and it quickly became a favorite of hers and her little sister.

Now on DVD this 40-plus minute DVD features a sing-along song option, two additional characters – a toucan and spider- that provide some laughs and a lush 3-D look.  The music is nice and the kids love being able to watch a favorite book come to life.  It works well in the car and at home.  I have always loved the message of Stellaluna, a fruit bat who after being separated from her mother lives with a family of birds.  There she finds that they are “different, and yet so alike.”  It is a great message for kids of any age.

The Stellaluna DVD is available for $12.95 at Amazon.com.