February 21, 2018

Besame Lip Gloss

Fun Find- Besame Cosmetics Sweetheart Balm Cherry 413 ($18) is a light, delicious red color, lip balm that is delightful!  It’s cherry flavor is more grown-up but still fun and I love that I can layer this balm over my lips alone or as an enhancement on a nude lipstick or other color.  It’s a long lasting lip balm too.  The pop of color it provides is fortified with Vitamins C and E that protects and moisturizes your lips with each use.  Aloe leaf, shea butter and jojoba soothe and make it absorb quickly into your skin.

Besame Sweetheart Balm comes in four colors- cherry, peach, tangerine and sweet rose. Get some today!  It’s a gre