January 23, 2018

Food Fights for Everyone!

Food Fights: Winning the Nutritional Challenges of Parenthood Armed with Insight, Humor, and a Bottle of Ketchup by Laura A. Jana MD FAAP and Jennifer Shu MD FAAP is a comprehensive, common sense guide  about teaching you and your kids the in’s and out’s of daily meals, good nutrition for growing bodies, tips and recipes for healthy, fun food too.

This second edition version of ‘Food Fights’ aims to assist parents in finding ways to get their children to eat healthy meals, balance a busy life with cooking those meal and finding alternatives when not in ideal meal time situations.  It’s all about bringing “peas and harmony” to the dinner table, each and every meal!

What I liked about this book is how Jana and Shu dealt with the feeding of little ones no matter what the age.  They start with nursing, discuss the importance of water and how to start solid foods and move on to the more complex meals and battles parents can face with young children.  Having three girls of my own I found this book helpful in re-establishing some of the rules we have for our own dinner table time.  For instance, it is important to us to eat dinner together each night and to eat well-balanced meals.  The authors of this book not only reiterate that but also what to do with whining during dining.  Something we can have our fare share of on a fairly regular basis.  I found chapter 16 very useful in finding remedies to dealing with appetite loss too.  Sometimes I forget that kids go through stages and each child is different.  I don’t always remember at what age things shift and how to deal with them quickly and effectively, but ‘Food Fights’ is a great resource for fixing these problems.  It has saved me some time this go round.

Some of the items in this book may seem like common sense to parents who have been around the block.  ‘Food Fights’ is a good find for new parents just starting out as well as those of us who might need a refresher from time to time.  I like referring to it now that I have a fickle toddler who likes to throw food (Chapter 20 deals with establishing ground rules for this problem- love it!) and a preschooler who would rather whine than dine many nights of the week.

I recommend ‘Food Fights’ because of its practical tips, tasty recipes and excellent resources for all ages of children.


MPR Rating: Four Stars.

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