February 21, 2018

gud by Burt’s Bees


I love Burt’s Bees products.  Years ago when I first started writing reviews I even did a review on their fledgling kids clothing line, Happy Green Bee.  Those are some seriously cute clothes.  Over the years I have followed the company and tested more products. Somehow I missed the ultimate memo on the latest line, gud, their newest in bath and body. Gud, spelled with two dots over the ‘u’ to connote a smile is one highly scented collection of products.  Wow.  I was not prepared.

I received a box of the Vanilla Flame hand wash (foaming pump), Cherrynova hand lotion, Orange Petalooza natural softening conditioner and the Paranormal Activity pear & acai berry body butter (not on the website).  By far my favorite is the Vanilla Flame Natural foaming hand wash ($5).  I like the easy to pump bottle and my kids can use it no problem. I like the price and I love the scent.  I am not typically a fan of vanilla but this one scented my whole bathroom for weeks. It is a small powder room that usually has the door slammed shut by a toddler.  It gets stuffy in there and this hand wash kept the room smelling sweet and fresh rather than stale.  It’s like hand soap and a room deodorizer in one.  That’s how powerful the scent can be.

The Floral Cherrynova Natural hand lotion ($8) is made up of cherry blossoms and almond milk.  It, like all the other gud products is paraben and phthalate free. It is also not tested on animals.  It is has a nice creamy and thick consistency that went on smooth.  The scent however was too much for me.   It lasts a while on your hands which is fantastic if you like that cherry blossom scent. My sitter did and I gave her the tube.  She likes how it keeps her hands moisturized despite the numerous hand-washing she does each day while watching children.

The hand lotion and its moisturizing properties set me up for disappointment with the Paranormal Activity pear & acai body butter ($12).  It is light, fluffy and when I opened the container the texture made me want to dive in and eat it.  Again, the scent is strong and it will last all day.  No need for perfume. I think that’s great in a body lotion or butter.  However, it didn’t moisturize.  My skin felt tight on my legs by mid-afternoon.  That was disappointing.  Now I cannot find it on the website either. I wonder if all the body butters are like this one.

Finally, the last product we tested was the gud Orange Petalooza Natural Softening Conditioner ($7).  Also featuring a long-lasting powerful scent this conditioner will rinse off but stay with you and your hair all day.  It softens nicely making my hair easy to comb and style.  My girls love it and it worked well on curly hair too.

Overall, I think the gud line is great for the younger set. Tweens and teens will love it.  And so will older women who like a lot of scent to their products.  It certainly is marketed towards a woman with its perfumed products and the sweetness in each collection is youthful.  I like that the products are of the same caliber as Burt’s Bees other items so you know what the quality here. I would definitely purchase the foaming hand wash again and other items like the hand cream in the Vanilla Flame scent. My favorite of the bunch.   You can purchase gud products at drugstore.com, Target, online and other stores where Burt’s Bees products are sold.

MPR Rating:  Three Stars.


Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR’s only.