February 24, 2018

Hawaiian Snacks Kettle Style Potato Chips


Fun Find- Sometimes you just want something crunchy.  Hawaiian Snacks Kettle Chips are the perfect antidote to a salty snack with a terrific crunch!  We tried three flavors in our house and they were all a hit.  While the kids didn’t love the heat of the Wasabi chip, I sure did.  It was such a unique but thoroughly enjoyable flavor and I wanted to keep digging in the bag for more.  The Sweet Maui Onion was the same way.  It was a nice blend of sweet and salty that had a true onion flavor that didn’t taste processed or overpowering.  In fact, none of the flavors were too much but all hit it just right.  The Original crispy and crunchy Hawaiian chip was also quite good.

Hawaiian Snacks Kettle Style Potato Chips come in 1.5 oz, 2.0 and 8.0 ounce bags.  They make a great alternative to your regular chip and pack a powerful crunch.  Combined with their unique Hawaiian inspired flavors they make an excellent treat or snack.

You can purchase Hawaiian Snacks Kettle Style Potato Chips online and in your local grocery store.