February 24, 2018

Mirabella Make-up Brushes

Fun Find–  I received two Mirabella make-up brushes for review recently.  I haven’t had any experience with this brand so I was happy to check out the quality.  The concealer brush ($24) is made of synthetic hair that works well with both cream and liquid make-up.  Mirabella hand-sculpts their brushes and uses brushed aluminium ferrules and handles.  That’s great! Mine was broken before I even received it. The brush had snapped off the base in-transit.  Oh well.  Concealer brushes don’t have to be as long as this Mirabella one was anyway.  I can still use it and do.  It works well and is soft.  There isn’t anything itchy about this brush.


The same can be said for the Kabuki brush ($49.50).  Made from the same materials and not broken, this domed brush is perfect for powder application.  I love how small it is in length but not in brush size.  It is small enough to fit into my gym make-up bag and works so much better than other travel size brushes which typically have a rougher feel to them during application.


Mirabella has a wide variety of make-up brushes and products to choose from on their website.


Domed kabuki brush is designed to pick up just the right amount of product for flawless powder application. This best-selling brush is compact enough to tuck into a purse or makeup bag making it perfect for touch-ups on the go. Pairs perfectly with Pure Press mineral powder foundation. Mirabella hand-sculpted brushes are made with the finest quality materials and feature exclusive brushed aluminum ferrules and handles.