February 24, 2018

Spiffies Cleaning & Teething Wipes

If you have ever tried to brush your babies gums or new teeth then you know how hard that task can actually be.  Spiffies is a great product.  Consisting of individually packaged towelettes made up of a xylitol formula, Spiffies Cleaning and Teething Wipes work to reduce bacteria in your child’s mouth.  Low bacteria means fewer to no cavities.  Developed by pediatrician Ray Wagner, MD, these wipes are perfect for taking care of you little ones mouth and teeth even when you are on the go.  I have tossed them in the diaper or overnight bag in a hurry and relied on them when on trips.  If you put them in the fridge they also work wonders on teething gums.

Spiffies is also in good company with Spiffies I Can Brush Tooth-Brushing Liquid.  Also 100% natural this cavity-fighting Xylitol liquid is fluoride and paraben-free.  I love that it isn’t gritty or in a sticky paste like some kids toothpastes and my kids do too.  It works for ages 6 months to toddlers and comes in a kid-pleasing grape flavor. Both my 18 month-old and three year-old like to use it.   Dr. Wagner has come up with a good idea to use Spiffies I Can Brush.  Just place a small amount of the solution in a cup and let your child dip their toothbrush into it.  They can brush and get a feel for brushing and using the liquid.

Spiffies Towelettes and Spiffies I Can Brush are available online.

MPR Rating:  Three Stars.


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