February 21, 2018

Udi’s Gluten-Free Foods Review


Udi’s Gluten Free Foods, is the number one gluten free baked goods brand.  When I posted a picture of the Udi’s sample box on Facebook people ‘liked’ it repeatedly and posted about how much they love Udi’s.  Udi’s themselves said that they are “so delicious you will wonder if they are truly gluten-free”.  I have to admit that this is true. I sampled the Udi’s bread, bagels, granola and pizza crust and was hard-pressed to find the difference in taste and texture.

My favorite Udi’s product in the VIP goody box was the Whole Grain Bread.  I can find it in my grocer’s freezer section and it toasts up really well. It’s soft enough for a tasty sandwich without being too dry and it becomes delightfully crunchy when toasted.  The flavor is on par with a good quality whole grain bread and you just can’t notice a difference in texture or taste.  I have already bought this product again and again for my family.  While none of us have gluten issues we prefer this bread to regular whole wheat.  It fills you up without bloating and stays with you longer.  I love it!

Udi’s gluten-free cinnamon raisin bagels are a big hit in my house, especially with my three year-old who calls them doughnuts.  We actually tested the whole grain bagels but they were so good and the most like a regular bagel that we have moved on to the cinnamon raisin ones.  I feel that I get more from these bagels than regular ones. The chewy texture of a bagel is often lost and replaced with a very dry product when going gluten-free and Udi’s bagels are not like that.  My friends who can’t eat gluten claim they are the best replacement bagel out there and I agree.

Let’s talk about the Udi’s granola now.  We tried their Cranberry granola and once again we love it.  We will be buying it again.  Our whole house likes to eat granola mixed with yogurt on a fairly regular basis.  What I don’t like is all the sugar. My kids don’t like how hard some granola is when first put into their yogurt or that it can come in big chunks. Udi’s has a nice balance for us.  It is not just gluten-free it is egg, soy and dairy free too.  There are also 3 grams of protein per serving and that works well for me.  When you look at the ingredients for this granola is contains only oats, wildflower honey, dried cranberries (dried with some sugar, but not a lot), walnuts and canola oil.  The flavor is great too.  This granola is a good find.

Udi’s gluten-free pizza crust come two to a package and while they have a slightly gritty texture they are the best tasting gluten-free crusts I have found.  I have yet to find a gluten-free crust that doesn’t have this texture. I love that they are dairy, soy and nut free too.  These crusts are a great way to make small pizza’s fast that taste good and work for many people.  For a more comprehensive review on this product check out this review on About.com.  You can also purchase whole frozen pizza’s by Udi’s which I love even more.

We all really enjoyed sampling from the Udi’s goody box. We have fallen in love with the products and will be buying more of them in the future. Udi’s sells cookies, muffins, pizza and crusts, bread, bagels and more.  You can check out Udi’s on Twitter @UdisGlutenFree and on Facebook.com/UdisGlutenFree.

In addition to be sold in many fine grocery stores nationwide and online, Udi’s Gluten Free Foods are now in about 150 Wal-Mart stores across the country.   Walmart will now carry five of Udi’s best-selling products (soft white bread, soft whole grain bread, plain bagels, chocolate chip cookies, and pizza crust) in their bakery department.   Check out if a Walmart near you carries Udi’s, enter your zip code into our store locator: www.udisglutenfree.com/stores

MPR Rating: Five Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post.  Products are for review purposes and opinions are MPR’s only. 


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