February 23, 2018

Wei Nutri-Guard Face Cream


Fun Find– I’m a fan of Wei East beauty products. Their masks are fantastic and Nutri-Guard 20 Herb face cream ($40), is no different.  I used it on the back of one hand, on only half of it for a week and found great results.  Not only was that part of my hand softer and more supple in a week, it was also less lined.  Call me amazed!  Now that I have sampled it this way I am going to use Wei Nutri-Guard face cream on my actual face.  I think that its 10 herbs for energy (yin) and other 10 herbs for defense (yang) are a great way to restore and rejuvenate my skin.  It doesn’t contain SPF, which I like for daytime but I think it will be great for night time.

Wei East Nutri-Guard 20 Herb face cream is available online, on Amazon and on HSN.com.