February 21, 2018

Become is Shopping Your Way

Typically this time of year I do a lot of spring cleaning.  I freecycle, I donate clothes, books , toys and more to local charities and I sell things online.  All to clean out my house. It is also at this time that I find a need for new items.  Become.com is a great place to find the things you need to restock or replace items in your home.

Looking for a way to spruce up your deck kor patio?  Check out Become’s array of outdoor decorative lights.  The grape cluster lights go perfectly with my trellised outdoor setting.  They also have a wide selection of tea lights and votive to spruce up your place.  Pair them with a new set of grape dishes to match and you have a new look in your outdoor setting.  The site also has a home decor ideas section for inspiration. On the more convenient and grilling side Become has loads of other products for summertime entertaining.  Need a hamburger press with walmart pricing?  You can find it at Become.

Next time you need something new for your home or for you (they have health and beauty too!) head over to Become.com.