February 22, 2018

French Meadow Bakery Bagels


Fun FindFrench Meadow bakery makes many all-natural and often gluten-free products that are full of flavor.  I’ve tried out quite a few gluten-free products, bagels included.  The French Meadow Sprouted 16 Grain & Seed bagels (one of the four varieties of bagels) contains sunflower seeds, legumes and flaxseed for added crunch.  These bagels are dense but in a good way. They fill you up without a bloated feeling and are not as dry as some of the other gluten-free versions.  I think they work great for breakfast, a snack or as a sandwich.

French Meadow bakery sells rolls, bread, desserts, tortillas and other gluten-free products.  You can find them in your grocer’s freezer section