February 21, 2018

I See Me Book Review



When we had our first child six years ago we received a lot of personalized items.  From books to baby rattles our daughter was set.  The second child didn’t get those same perks and we purchased them ourselves so she wouldn’t feel left out.  Somewhere along the way the third baby came along and we were so busy we forgot all about personalized frames and monogrammed clothes.  Except she is being left out.  Her sisters have CD’s that sing their names and books made just for them and she should enjoy those things too.  The I See Me birthday book (available for both girls and boys) is just the item for her.

I See Me books can be created for birthdays (My Very Happy Birthday Book- $29.95), Christmas, God’s Love theme, Hanukkah and even a Royal Birthday Adventure.  There is something for everyone in this collection and all of them can be made for that special child in your life.  We created the ‘My Very Happy Birthday’ book for our third daughter’s second birthday.  It’s a great board book with thick pages and beautiful, bright colors and charming pictures.  She will love it! I already do and I can’t wait to read it to her.  Inside is the story of sweet animals trying to put together the perfect birthday for our little girl.  We created a nice inscription and all the details and I See Me does the rest.  It’s well worth the small amount of time to create a book that will later be a keepsake.

Want to see how it is all done?  Take a Virtual Book Tour.  I See Me does way more than books too. You can create placemats, business cards for Moms, gift boxes, floor puzzles and more.  It is definitely worth checking out.  The images are fantastic and the products are of a high quality.  I think they make great gifts and keepsakes.

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MPR Rating:  Five Stars.

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*image from twinpossible.com