February 24, 2018

Limited Time Online Deal: Up to 80% Off Discovery Kids Puterbugs

Everyone knows if you have a tech question, ask your child! Now you can put their computer smarts to good use with help from Discovery Kids Puterbugs, loveable cartoon characters that bring the letters of the keyboard to life. Hundreds of educational, skill-adjusting activities keep little minds engaged with fresh content that pops up on the site each week. Give your kids the edge that will impress their teachers with this week’s Groupon from Discovery Kids.

Deal dates: Now through Saturday May 12th.

Puterbugs is-

■ Safe, educational, ad-free

■ Fun, engaging lessons adjust to skill level

■ Hours of learning and fresh new activities each week

■ Teacher-developed over 20 years of research

■ Backed by media partner, Discovery Kids

■ Designed for a beginner or computer whiz up to age 8

■ Introduces the top 100 tech skills, starting with the keyboard

■ Sharpens letter recognition, early reading and writing skills

Parents Say: Our son’s reading has blossomed and so has his computer skills. -Greg, dad

I finally found something that captured his attention and taught him all his letters in just 3 weeks! -Tanya, mom