February 18, 2018

This Week in Cars- Weekend Getaways Made Easy


‘This Week in Cars’ is all about the impending summer season we are about to embark upon.  The warm weather brings out the wanderer in many of us and we hit the road for quick weekend trips.  Here are some tips for making those trips a bit easier and stress free from professional organizer Julie Morgenstern and the 2013 Ford Escape.

Tips for Stress-Free Weekend Escapes


·         Master the art of the weekend escapes.  Schedule weekend escapes throughout the year instead of 1-2 solid weeks off.  These escapes will refresh your spirit, create mini-motivators to get your work done and fuel your energy without taking you out of commission for a long stretch.  Best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to getaway: pick a destination nearby and take a “one-tank” road trip.

·         Create an “exit plan.”  Minimize the stress that comes from unfinished work at the end of the week by creating and sticking to a to-do list the week before. Decide what you will do and review it each night, so that everything is done by the time you leave for the weekend.  You’ll find it much easier to relax with no projects hanging over your head.

·         Prepare the people you work with.  Starting the week before you leave, tell key players you interact with (supervisors, co-workers and key clients) that you will be going away to make sure no one makes plans for you to work during the weekend.  On Monday or Tuesday the week before your escape, send an additional reminder so deadline driven assignments get to you well in advance.

·         Corral clutter. Store gear in containers in your garage by type to make loading and unloading the car easy. Then use containers in the car to keep things organized on the road and to avoid stopping unnecessarily on the way to your weekend escape.  When picking your roadtrip car consider vehicles with ample cargo space such as the new 2013 Ford Escape – clever spaces like umbrella holders on the seats, a second-row hidden floor bin and ticket holders in the sun visors help organize and de-clutter contents. The Escape also features a hands-free liftgate that will make the entire packing experience a breeze.

·         Unplug.  Break your email addiction for the weekend. Use the time to reconnect with friends, family, and the sights, sounds and scents of your environment. Experiment with leaving your smartphone behind during hikes or trips to the beach or turn the email function off and just use your device as a phone for the weekend. Accustomed to using your phone as an alarm clock? Switch to an old-fashioned alarm for the weekend to avoid the temptation to check email upon waking.

·         Plan your weekend activities.   You’ll get more out of two-day weekends if you plan them out in advance – even build in “do-nothing” time. Plan activities that recharge you using the acronym P.E.P. as a guide: Physical Activity (exercise, sports, yoga and hikes); Escapes (hobbies and activities that instantly transport you); and People (friends and family who relax and energize you). This tactic will leave you feeling like your two-day weekend was a three-day weekend.

·         Build in rest stops.  Use programs like SYNC and MyFord Touch before embarking on your roadtrip to input rest stop destinations into your navigation system. SYNC and MyFord Touch allow you to input multiple stops along your route so you will be able to plan ahead on which rest stops most interest you.  It’s best to plan to stop every 1 1/2 hours to stretch, rest and change scenery.


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**Image from trucktrend.com