February 23, 2018

2012 Chevy Traverse LTZ


Back in 2009 I reviewed the Chevy Traverse LTZ and I wrote about it at AutoSavant. The Traverse has not changed a whole lot since then but I drove it again last week.  I still agree with my 2009 assessment that the Traverse has, “roominess in the seating, cargo space, fun amenities and a smooth ride.” Back then I stated that the I wanted, “more style and fuel economy and less plastic for my money.” I think Chevy listened because I drove all over town and got stuck in about four hours worth of Maryland traffic and still only used a half tank of gas.  The Traverse gets about 22-24 mpg highway typically.

My kids loved the Traverse.  We took it to the grocery store, they used the cup holders in the doors whenever they could and rocked out to the XM Radio channels like Backspin and Studio54 like nobody’s business.  We took the Traverse to a baby shower, dance class, to pick up our weekly farm share and all over town loading it up with bags, presents, strollers and more.  Each time the bucket seats and third row still felt roomy and the kids loved not having to touch each other.

 She’s six and standing in the center row. Bench option is also available.

I still like the way that the Traverse drives.  It is quiet, comfortable and you feel higher than a car but not like a behemoth sucking up valuable lane and  while driving. It is easy to park and one night after being out late the rear camera helped me out of a very tight spot.  I felt the transmission jump a bit more than I would like but that seems to happen with a few SUV’s and Crossovers. It was also the only time I actually heard the engine.  The Traverse has good pick-up (about 0-60 in 8 seconds) but the breaks are still not where I want them to be.  They don’t grab the way I like, something that hasn’t changed since 2009.  It is to me, the biggest design flaw in the Traverse.

Second & third row folded down.

Front passenger view. Three cubbies and ample glove box space.

All this being said, I think that the Chevy Traverse is a good family vehicle.  The seats in both rows move easily and fold away fast.  You have the option to store a lot in this car.  Pricing is average and starts at $29, 510.  The 2013 Traverse has some changes in interior and exterior appearance and I hope to be able to do a comparison on it soon.

Thanks to the GM Northeast Team for letting me drive the Traverse last week, my kids are still talking about the “new car”.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post. Car was on loan for a week for review purposes only. Opinions are MPR’s only.