February 24, 2018

BloodSTOP by LifeScience

Fun Find–  When you have three kids, like I do, you go through a lot of band-aids.  There are cuts, scrapes and blood. Sometimes lots of it in just one day.  The summer brings forth a lot of activities that have us moving around outdoors and the accidents occur even more.  BloodStop by LifeScience Plus is something I’m going to consider a must-have in my family first-aid kit.

Non-irritating, easy to use and fast-acting BloodStop does exactly what it says in the name. It stops blood and fast!  You can apply it to cuts, scrapes, open wounds and know that it will stop the bleeding faster than anything else in your medicine cabinet.  Hospitals, dental clinics, vet offices and ER’s already use it all over the world and now it is available for individuals and families over the counter.  I love that it is a natural, animal-free product that doesn’t take a lot of effort to apply and doesn’t hurt when it comes off.  Great for kids and squeamish adults!  It is pretty cool to see how it turns into a clear gel when applied and then just seals the wound.  Later you can just rinse it off without hurting the cut.  How amazing is that?

You can purchase it online at Amazon and in stores like CVS now too.