February 21, 2018

Fake Bake Fair

Fun Find- I have extolled the virtues and love for Fake Bake more than once.  I am an ardent sunless tanner and Fake Bake is my favorite brand.  Sure, you can do the daily gradual glow from a drugstore lotion or you can build almost immediate color with any one of Fake Bake’s gels, lotions and sprays.

I tried the Fake Bake Fair Lotion, 6-Ounce, because I am fair and loved it.  While some might consider it too much work to don the purple gloves (included in each box) and take the time to rub it for a streak-free finish I do not mind.  The tan, the glow, the long-lasting way it stays is just what I want and makes me look and feel sun-kissed any time I need it.

Fake Bake Fair is available online at the Fake Bake website and can be purchased at Amazon.


  1. Interesting! I confess… I’ve never EVER even tried self tanner! I’m such a chicken!