February 24, 2018

Gifts for Father’s Day

I don’t typically do Father’s Day gift guides. I find that no matter what pitch I’m sent about how “this isn’t your normal father’s day gift guide!” It is chock full of men’s skincare, ties, golfing products and items for the grill.  I know that my own father and my husband wouldn’t like anything like that.  They don’t want snarky tees or ultra expensive shaving tools either.  Some men might ask for things like something from Best Buy or GiveADish.com or want to see the local game.  That doesn’t happen over here in MPR’s world.

So there will be no Father’s Day Gift Guide here at MPR.  To be fair, there wasn’t a Mother’s Day gift guide either.

My father will spend the day fishing with gear he has culled and honed from years out on the sea and by the shore.  He will check his crab pots and we will speak on the phone about the card I sent earlier in the week.  My husband will ask to sleep in and probably leave the house for a while to see a movie alone.  The girls and I will make him brownies, key lime pie or a big breakfast and serve him steamed crabs or a giant slab of beef to complete his day.  We may even hit the neighborhood pool.  Much like Mother’s Day it is all about easy, relaxing fun spent doing something that rejeuvenates the individual we are honoring that day.



  1. Jennifer says:

    I was hoping my husband would fall for the ‘ol “you should spend some quality time with the kids on Father’s Day……..” I don’t need a gift guide either 😉