January 23, 2018

Kitchen Conundrum

We renovated our kitchen last fall and for the most part things went well. We love the color of the walls, the new appliances are still gleaming and everything we thought they would be and more. The light fixtures are gorgeous too.  We still have not put up window treatments or new decor and there is one issue that keeps popping up.  The spice racks.

In our old kitchen the spice rack was an upright that sat against the wall on a counter top.   It is a wall spice rack but hasn’t been on an actual wall in years.  We have kept it in the same spot despite the fact that it takes up valuable counter space.  I have tried keeping the spices in the pantry on stacking shelves but they wobble about, become disorganized and fall down and make a massive mess of the pantry.  The wall spice rack has become unstable so we need another alternative.  If you have a great way to store your spices, fill me in!  I found a spice rack resource but have yet to find a rack that suits our needs completely.