February 21, 2018

MANNA Cosmetics Sheer Glow

MANNA Cosmetics, founded by Manna Kadar, is based on the principle of simplified beauty.  That is something I think we can all relate to and want in our lives- simple, efficient make-up that performs and makes you look great.

MANNA’s Sheer Glow ($29) aims to create a youthful glow on your skin.  Mix it with your foundation for an all over luminous look or apply it alone (I do this often!) to cheekbones for an added bit of definition.  You can use it on your face or your body.  It looks great on collarbones and shoulder tops too.  Sheer Glow is part of MANNA’s larger signature line that features other products like Camera Glow, a fine line and pore minimizer and HD Powder for a colorless matte finish that looks flawless.

I found that the Sheer Glow when mixed with my foundation worked best. It has a more neutral, colorless look to it than Nars Illuminator. You don’t need to use a lot of Sheer Glow either because it has a more watery consistency than some other luminous enhancers.  The opalescent quality of Sheer Glow makes skin appear younger and more vibrant which is something I need almost daily.

You can purchase Sheer Glow online at the MANNA website.


MPR Rating:  Three Stars.


Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR’s only. 

*Image from myhighestself.com