February 22, 2018

Mocubo- The One Stop Chop


The Mocubo bamboo chopping board is quite frankly one of my favorite new kitchen accessories.  I’m one of those people who likes to cook, hates to chop and when I do I separate everything out as I chop.  I end up using many bowls that clutter up my counter top and create a lot of dishes.  The Mocubo has cured me of this culinary affliction.

The Mocubo has three separate prep drawers that are stored underneath the the cutting board. Each one easily slides out to add your chopped foods straight from the board.  You can remove the drawers and put them in the dishwasher (top rack) or just set them aside if the chopped contents fill up the drawers.  The Mocubo also has rubber feet that grip the counter top to prevent slippage while in use.  I love that feature.  My flat plastic boards always slide around.  I also like that the cutting surface is made from bamboo which is eco-friendly.  In all, I am a big fan of this Quirky product.  It works well, has a green element to it and some people have even said it can be used as a breakfast tray! I can totally see the advantage of that and who doesn’t like multi-purpose products?

You can purchase the Mocubo chopping board from Quirky online.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR’s only.

*Image from core77.com