February 21, 2018

Organic Tea Tree MintFoaming Hand Soap from Vermont Soap

Fun Find– As a mother to three little ones I need a lot of soap. I don’t like a lot of chemicals though so the addition of Vermont Soap’s Tea Tree Mint Foaming Hand Soap is fantastic! Certified organic and a foaming hand soap (easier for the kids!) this soap has the power of tea tree oil and peppermint oil in it to create a petrochemical-free soap that we can all use.

This foaming hand soap features organic oils that help fight germs without destroying and drying your hands and skin. It foams up well with a creamy lather and the whole foaming process is quick and all-natural. There are no propellants used or chemicals to get it to foam and pump. I love that!

Vermont Soap offers the foaming soap in three scents, Tree Mint, Lavender Ecstasy, and Lemongrass Zen and Unscented. It sells for $7.78 (7-ounce) to $39.90 (1-gallon refill).

*Image from veganstore.com