February 22, 2018

SmartMune Review

Before I had received a bottle of SmartMune, I had never heard of Wellmune GCP or what it could do for me. I will admit that when I first agreed to review and take a month’s supply of SmartMune I was not expecting anything. Two and a half weeks into taking my daily dose of SmartMune I am a believer.

SmartMune is all about intelligent immune system support. The Wellmune GCP in SmartMune primes your immune system making it able to fight off allergens, germs and bacteria. When your immune system is down your energy levels are low and you often feel tired. After having pneumonia, a few colds and the flu all in a five-month span I can say this is all very true. Tack on the seasonal allergies that leave my skin itchy, eyes red and head full of sinus pain and I will try just about anything. After taking SmartMune for a two and a half weeks I noticed that I didn’t get the cold everyone else in my family did. The prescription eye drops that I use for my allergies ($200 a bottle with insurance!) and all the OTC drugs I take for them each day were no longer needed. Did you catch that? I didn’t need them anymore! A few weeks later when I was out of my 30-day supply and a week had passed with no SmartMune my eyes began to itch again and I needed to take my allergy pills every few days. A week later I got a cold. I want my SmartMune back! That is what I love about SmartMune. It really worked for me.

What I don’t love is that you have to order it online. I can’t find it anywhere else but on the SmartMune website, which is fine but then I have to order it like this- The first 30 days are free. Then it arrives every month for the price of $29.95 automatically and your credit or debit card is charged accordingly. You also receive a free book The Immune Miracle. That is all minor though when you consider the benefits of SmartMune.

I really do believe that SmartMune, made with Wellmune GCP, helps to strengthen your immune system making it better able to fight off allergens and illness while adding more energy to your day. It builds up your body’s defenses and helps protect against the effects of stress which wear your immune system down. I haven’t found any side effects and after about three weeks without it I decide to go back on it for my allergies alone.

MPR Rating: Five Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review purposes only. Opinions are MPR’s only.