February 23, 2018

The Doodle Roll for Kids


Fun Find- The Doodle Roll® is made in the USA and is a great all-in-one portable activity kit that kids will love!  Each kit contains a roll of paper, crazyons and comes in a small package that also doubles as a dispenser for the paper.  It works well on trips, at home and taking to a friends house.  You can throw it in your purse and be ready in a flash while dining out too.  The Doodle Roll comes in two sizes and has a safe EZ tear edge that even little ones can use.

My kids used both sizes and loved it.  They even stretched out the paper the length of a room and drew a series of pictures and then used the sheet for a game they created.  Doodle Roll let them go beyond just coloring a sheet of paper and really get creative and invent a new game.  What fun!

The Doodle Roll is available online and prices start at just $3.99 making it very affordable fun.