February 24, 2018

Alexia Waffle Cut Lemon Parmesan Fries

Fun Find– I like Alexia food products because I can find them in most of my grocery stores freezer sections and they are all natural.  When I buy things like frozen french fries (which isn’t often) this is the brand I buy.  They taste great, bake well in the oven and everyone in my family likes them and we have some seriously picky eaters. My husband is hard to please when it comes to food and he really likes Alexia fries.

The Waffle Cut Lemon Parmesan fries (about $3-4) come in a 20 ounce bag which is a generous two dinner’s worth per bag for my family of five.  They take about 18 min. to bake and are super crispy outside but soft in the middle. The potato flavor is just right and unlike some frozen french fries the insides are not gritty or mushy.  While I didn’t taste a ton of lemon the parmesan is more pronounced it wasn’t enough to make my kids take notice.  They just have a nice seasoning that makes a change from sweet potato fries or regular natural flavor.  They are not too salty either.

You can find Alexia frozen foods in your local grocer freezer section.