February 21, 2018

Paul & Joe Summer 2012 Midsummer Night’s Dream Collection

Fun Find– Inspired by the fun and fairies of the famous Shakespeare play A Midsummer Nights Dream, Paul & Joe’s summer collection is filled with items like Nail Enamels in Fairie Queen, Sprite, and Pixie colors for $14.  These go on in big glittery flakes and work well alone or as another top coat to a pastel or bold color.  My girls love it them alone while I like to add more depth to a dark pink or turquoise blue.

The Face Color G in Nymph, Nubile, and Faune ($24) has made a nice addition to my gym bag, I was given the Nubile color and it works well with my skin tone as a bronzer.  It contours well and stays put all day.  I’ve long been a fan of Paul & Joe’s lip gloss after receiving a sample a few years back.  This collection has Lip Gloss G in Love Potion, Fairie Kisses, and Dream a Little Dream ($22) to round it out.

You can purchase Paul + Joe’s make-up at BeautyHabit.com.