January 19, 2018

SeabuckWonders’ Seed Oil and Berry Oil Giveaway!


SeabuckWonders is one of those products that can do a whole lot of things.  The oil is what you call a “drop-in” product and by this I mean, you can add a drop of SeabuckWonders oil to-

Body Lotion to reduce dry, flaky and peeling skin from sunburns and climate. Super smooth!

Hair Conditioner to make hair more manageable and shinier.  Especially on curly hair!

Shaving Cream for a smoother, closer shave.  It helps the razor glide across your skin.  Yes, it does!

Facial Lotion to reduce the appearance of dark spots, Rosacea, fine lines and blemishes.  Feels great!

Insect Bites itch can be relieved by adding a drop of the oil directly to the bite.  True!

The list is almost endless and that is just for the oil.  There is a daily pill you can take as well to help enhance your health, clear and smooth your skin and make your hair and nails shinier.  Pure and full of rich amino acids and Vitamin E the oil and capsules are a great supplement to your every day routine.  You can purchase SeabuckWonders products here and at your local health food store.

I’ve been taking SeabuckWonders 100% USDA Certified Organic Himalayan Sea Buckthorn capsules for over a month now and have noticed that my nails are less brittle than before and my hair has grown faster than normal for this time of year.  My hair grows very fast in fall and winter and not in the summer. Not so right now.

I am giving away a bottle of each one of these products to one lucky reader!  That’s an over $60 value!  Enter to win-

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