February 23, 2018

Summer Beauty & Everyday Minerals Review

I received a few products from Everyday Minerals to showcase some of the best of summer beauty.  I love Everyday Minerals because  they are a cruelty free company.  The company buys from local vendors whenever possible and uses natural ingredients from their surrounding areas of Texas Hill country.  Based in Austin, TX  Everyday Minerals has over 300 products and shades of gorgeous colors that are all handcrafted.

The Everyday Minerals Itahake Brush ($15.99) is a new take on the traditional Japanese make-up brush.  Using soft synthetic fibers it is a great brush for contouring and using on your face and Décolleté. It’s 100% Vegan too. I used it with the Everyday Minerals Everyday Bronzer ($9.99- a steal!) that comes in a medium shade and works well on many skin tones.  I applied this soft bronzer to my cheeks, forehead and under my chin, which slims the face.  It is a nice light-reflecting bronzer that isn’t overpowering but has a nice staying power.  It offers a great sun-kissed glow that is good for you and for the earth.

My favorite item from the Everyday Minerals summer beauty set is the Everyday Minerals Lovebirds lipstick.  This stuff is fantastic! It goes on smooth, hydrates for a long period of time and adds a gorgeous subtle tint to my lips that isn’t sticky, doesn’t smudge and works well at the pool and for the moments when I need a bit of color and moisture on my lips.  It’s fantastic!  It’s a soft pink shade and made with Jojoba Oil, Murumuru butters and Cupuacu (you are going to see this stuff in everything soon!), french lavender essential oil (gives a bit of scent that is relaxing too) with hints of sweet orange.  At $6.99 it is a bit more than a chapstick but cheaper than your average drugstore lipstick but far better.

Last on the list but another great product that has made its way into my gym bag is the Everyday Minerals Luminizing Sunlight Powder ($12.99). It’s affordable, goes on well and is great for combatting shine on these summer days.  It’s yellow-based, which works well on many skin tones and is translucent.  It takes away redness fast too.  That’s my fave part.  After the gym my red areas are amplified and this powder does the trick and eliminates them in a flash. It is offered in Fair to Light to Medium to Dark.

I’m now a huge fan of Everyday Minerals and Everyday Naturals (another great part of the company).  You can purchase their products on the company website and retailers near you.