February 17, 2018

UnBurn for Sunburn

  Fun Find-  This summer has seen a lot more outdoor activities than years past.  As the kids have grown older we are outdoors for longer periods of time participating in swim lessons, more pool time, sports and just general outdoor fun.  No matter how hard we try burns, sunburns, have happened.  We have found relief, fast with Unburn ($11.99).  It is fast relief for sunburns in a water-based gel.  The gel cools skin by drawing out the heat.  It contains 2.5% lidocaine for pain relief and Vitamin E and aloe to help soothe the skin and keep it from peeling.  My oldest suffered an under-eye sunburn and the Unburn helped her right away.  I had the same with my shoulders and loved how cool and soothing this gel was for my sunburn.

Unburn is available for purchase at online.