February 24, 2018

Van’s Frozen Foods

Fun Find–  My kids could eat pancakes or waffles every day.  The reality is that we don’t have time to make fresh pancakes or waffles daily nor is it that healthy.  However, the addition of Van’s frozen 8 Whole Grains waffles and frozen pancakes has made our life a bit easier and tasty in the morning.

What I like about Van’s frozen foods is the variety. They offer 19 types of waffles from Belgian to mini, gluten-free and lite there is something for everyone in your family.  The Van’s company prides itself on its wholesome and natural food too.  What was once a beach side So Cal restaurant serving up whole grain goodness can now be found in your grocers freezer. The price is affordable and comparable to other frozen breakfast foods and they offer English Muffins, pancakes and a whole lot more.

I feel good about buying Van’s frozen foods for my family because I know that the products are not full of artificial ingredients but ones that give them a good start to their day.