February 24, 2018

Archives for September 2012

emerginC Multi-Fruit Cleanser

Light, non-fragrant and gentle is exactly how I would sum up emerginC Multi-Fruit Cleanser.  This soap-free and effective facial cleanser cleans my face of make-up, dead skin cells and other debris.  I use it daily and so far have not experienced any reactions like burning skin or eyes, irritation or redness or stripping of my skins moisture. You […]

Miracle Skin Transformer

Fun Find- Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 is a the newest multi-functional tinted skin enhancer.  Designed to hydrate, protect and prime your face with each use it is a good one-step facial product.  Applying the ultra-smooth (feels like velvet) to your face each day will help with redness and uneven skin tones while priming your skin for your make-up.  It provides moisture and […]

Buy Hair Supermarket

  MPR has seen a lot of hair products, extensions and ways to keep and color your hair but there hasn’t been anything like   Buy Hair Supermarket where you can find top graded luxury hair and hair care products in any way that you can imagine. Buy Hair Supermarket has it all- from human hair extensions and clip in […]

Ellio’s Pizza Review

  It was your typical Friday afternoon.  School let out, friends came over, my husband and I both went running and there was time spent outside as a family.  Suddenly we realized, “Dinner! We forgot to take something out to make dinner!”  I remembered that I had a box of Ellio’s pizza in the freezer […]

Taylor Owen Beautiful Skincare

Fun Find-  There are some skincare lines that are created by NASA scientists.  Loaded with man-made ingredients and more.   Taylor Owen Beautiful goes beyond that and introduces an all-natural luxury skincare line that works for all ages and skin. This problem solving set includes everything from cleansers and toners, to moisturizers and treatments.  All of them are 98% natural, […]

Celsius – Your Calorie Reducing Drink

  Celsius promises to be the first and only negative calorie drink.  Who needs zero when you can have negative, right?  It claims to burn up to 100 calories or more per serving while boosting your metabolism, reducing body fat and increasing energy and endurance.  All by being powered by MetaPlus. MetaPlus is a combination of […]