February 21, 2018

Take Charge of Your Health This Year


Until I lost my health insurance while pregnant I pretty much took my company plan for granted.  When things are covered at 90% or there isn’t a large deductible that has to be met each year you don’t put a whole lot of thought into it.  Now that we are in the mid-year it might be time to stop and think- am I budgeting for my health care.  Do I know what I’m really spending?  Only when a big bill hits me and I’m left reeling and its too late unless I think about health care and having conversations about it with my family.

Here are a few tips to take the sting off of those health care expenses and ways to make the most of your plan.

1. Be Budget-Minded:  Take a night and review what you have spent so far on health expenses this year.  It is probably more than you thought. When you total up doctor visits, scripts and other miscellaneous items you have a bigger bill out of pocket.  Take a moment to think of the year ahead while you are in this mind-set.  Do you know of any upcoming expenses like braces or glasses that are heading your way? Add that to your budget for the next year so you won’t be hit in the budget next year.

2. Be Prepared– When an emergency happens with you and your family are you fully prepared?  Have your local urgent care’s hours available to you.  Last spring I caught pneumonia and by Sunday morning I could barely breathe or get out of bed.  My GP wasn’t open but my newest urgent care was and saw me right away.  I was in and out with a chest x-ray and a script for antibiotics to help me get better fast.  I was glad that both my husband and I had those hours and numbers on hand.  We know the hours for all the local urgent cares, 24 hr pharmacies and 24/7 advice hot-lines for our health insurance and pediatrician.  They are posted on our refrigerator too. It’s the easiest way to get what we need and quick.

3.  An Ounce of Prevention-  My insurance company has been calling me for a few weeks to tell me all the ways they can offer preventative care.  I finally listened and it was easy.  I had no idea that simple planning like scheduling my annual check-up is considered prevention and insurance on my future health. Of course it is!  My husband and I do this together each year so that we remember.  I found out that I have access to nurses, dietitians and mental health services that I didn’t know about as well.  It pays to listen to those calls and to take advantage of them.  An ounce of prevention can just end up saving your life.

Check out YouTube.com/Cigna for more information on how to keep you and your family healthy all year long.

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cigna. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.