February 17, 2018

Muddy Puddles Clothing for Kids

In 1995, Muddy Puddles was born.  Born out of frustration by a mother of three who could not find decent outdoor clothing for her children she decided to create her own line.  Years later parents rely on Muddy Puddles to outfit their children in waterproof clothing that they can jump, run,splash and ski in wherever the outdoors lead them.

The durability, high quality and creative aspect in each article of clothing from Muddy Puddles is perfect for active boys and girls.  Muddy Puddles has their own Parent Panel, a large online family of moms, dads and grandparents and friends that test the products.  They are the core of the company and part of what makes it so successful.  From rainboots (wellies) to snow boots, coats, helmets,  goggles and all manner of ski accessories there is something for your child and for every season.  Broken down by category of boy, girl or baby you can easily find what you need.  Prices are reasonable, sales happen continuously and it is a good place to find base layers for cold weather wear or the latest in children’s swim wear and hats.  I found a great waterproof coverall for art projects that comes in an array of colors and works well on my 3 year-old and 6 year-old.

Before your next ski trip, beach trip or snow storm has your kids clamoring to get outdoors take a moment and visit Muddy Puddles to take care of all your waterproof clothing needs.



Disclaimer: MPR was paid for this sponsored post.  Opinions and reviews are MPR’s only.