February 21, 2018

Season’s Costume Jewelery

Fun Find– The fact that I have a full jewelery box and a 2′ x 1′ drawer stocked with jewelery tells you a little something about how much I love it.  When I’m not sure if my look is too bland or I need a way to incorporate color or added sparkle to my outfit I start rifling through my drawer.  Costume jewelery in particular is a favorite of mine. It can be decadent, trendy and only last one season or something that endures for decades despite not costing a lot.  I’m still wearing rings my grandmother’s bought in the 70’s and 80’s and they look fabulous!  The owl pendant I have worn to death this fall is another such find and it is probably older than me.

My latest discovery in costume jewelry is Seasons.  Seasons online is all about going with the fashion trends and seasonal whims and changes.  It had the colors you want, the styles you crave and the looks that are so you or me.  I get lost in their online pages every time I visit.  With all the holiday parties, family gatherings and times with friends I have coming up I bet I will be spending a lot of time but not so much money picking out accessories, cute baubles and fun finds at Seasons, maybe even a Christmas gift or two as well.



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