February 23, 2018

Trees Can’t Dance


In the spring of 2005 the creator, Dan, of Trees Can’t Dance had built himself a farm whether he wanted to believe it or not.  In an unlikely terrain he found success in growing large, plentiful amounts of chillies in many varieties. Having set out to do this only to make dishes from his past travels he now had more chillies than he could handle.  With the idea that “if you are going to do something, do it i right.” He turned an unused stable into a commercial kitchen and got down to work.

Trees Can’t Dance chilli products  is the result of this almost impossible dream.  Each recipe for a rub, paste, marinade, sauce or chutney is based on many hours and labors of love over a hot stove. Each one is also made from the finest natural ingredients making these pickles, chili sauces and more taste not just authentic but fantastic too.   The chilli sauces range from the line of “Unusually British” variety made up of a sweet chilli sauce, green and flaming lips version can be used to spice up a dish of chicken, fish or sometimes even cheese.  Trees Can’t Dance has African, Mexican and Cajun  types of sauce too. Each one has tasting tips to assist you in the best ways to use the sauces.  The jams and chutney’s are a good mixture of spices and condiments that will satisfy anyone’s desire for spicy, heat-packed food. The Trees Can’t Dance website also offers up many recipes to use their products. Ginger Ninja Cocktail, anyone?  Each recipe whether it is for a sweet or savory dish seems to just bring about more ideas of what you can do with all these rubs, sauces and marinades.  Each one makes an excellent gift which can be included with a Trees Can’t Dance gift pack of a chilli cookbook or variety pack.  Either way it is a win win.

Trees Can’t Dance sauces and more are available on the company website.  Follow them on Twitter @TCDfoods.



  1. Oh my what a neat line of products. All the things you could make with that stuff. Did you get to try it out?