February 24, 2018

Active Families Love Cotswold Oudoor

The holiday season is upon us and Cotswold Outdoor is one of the stores that I will be browsing and shopping.  People in my immediate family are very active and in my extended family they do all sorts of activities outdoors.  I can find gifts based on personality and not just need here.  There are items for the hiker, camper, gadget geek, traveler and even the big kid who resides in my house.

As a runner I found lots of things I want, need and just plain old crave in the runner’s gift section.  Sometimes the only time I can get a run in is in the pre-dawn hours when no one else in my house is up.  Unfortunately, my warmest running jacket is black so I need something that is bright and reflects light.  The Ron Hill Women’s Vizion Windlite Jacket has reflective taping all over it and a fleece lined collar to prevent chafing.  It will serve me well almost all year.

Our back yard is one giant hill and every winter my husband and I take the kids sledding with the first snow.  It is loads of fun but often the sleds for the kids are not big enough for him or me.  The Weez 2 Sledge by TSL is a fun gift for both him and me. I have a feeling other parents will want to join in the fun and use the Sledge too.