January 19, 2018

Clean Kids Naturally – All Natural Shampoo & Skincare for Kids

Fun Find–  From the makers of Gabriel Cosmetics comes Clean Kids Naturally a personal care line for kids made up of all natural ingredients and containing none of the yucky stuff like parabens, phthalates and sulfates.  Clean Kids Naturally offers gluten/wheat free shampoos, conditioners, liquid soap, bubble bath and more.  Products don’t contain lanolin, mineral oils (they dry out the skin), fluoride/glycol or petrolatum.  Each one is also cruelty free, free of artificial dyes and Vegan too.  They are really one of the most free products I have seen in quite a while.

I like that on each product from the Tropical Orange Burst shampoo ($8.75, 8 oz) to the Tiny Bubbles Foaming bath the whole list of ingredients is right there for you to see so whether you are in the store or shopping online you know what you are getting in each one.  Every one works well and cleans gently but effectively.  The scents are mild and natural.

You can find Clean Kids Naturally online and at a store near you.