February 24, 2018

Gold Sakura Hinoki Beauty Bar Soaps

I had never heard of Gold Sakura beauty products until recently but I was curious to see how the Hinoki Dietanseki Cleansing Bar and the Hinoki Dietanseki Moisturizing Bar Soap.  I think my timing to review the products was perfect because I have just come off two back to back colds, a trip and the curse of dry winter weather rolling in.  It was like a perfect storm on my face and my body was feeling parched.

Hinoki Cleansing Beauty Bar Soap ($7.50, 5.3 oz) has a special blend of wood charcoal, cypress oil, kaolin and bentonite clays. Each helps to draw out impurities from your pores and deep clean them.  Lightly foaming this black-gray bar promises to even out skin tone and moisturize skin.  I had a small glimmer of hope for it as I remember using a charcoal- based mask in college with good results.  This beauty bar did not let me down.  The results were not instantaneous but over two weeks balance was restored.  While nursing a third cold my skin remained clear instead of freaking out from cold meds, per usual and it didn’t dry it out either.  The first thing I noticed is that my skin didn’t feel stripped or irritated.  After about a week I saw that my pores were clearing up, which was my main concern.  The cold and cough syrups always break me out, no matter the brand and the Hinoki Kurocha Cleansing bar helped combat this problem.  Less clogged pores=less breakouts. Fabulous!

In combination with the Cleansing bar I tried another Deitanseki line Beauty Bar, the Moisurizing Bar ($9.50 for 5.3 oz), which works on all skin types.  It moisturizes your body’s skin while cleaning it.  Packed with Rice Bran and Olive Squalene and Natural Hinoki cypress scent (very light) it has a soft lather that feels creamy.  It left my skin soft and clean.  While the weather turned cold and my skin got drier this soap didn’t add to the problem.  It is a generous size and doesn’t get soft in the shower.  It will last me a while making it an economical buy too.

I plan on using both these soaps until they are gone.  In fact, to keep them longer I cut the bars in half so that I am only using a small chunk at a time and not letting the remainder go down the drain.  Gold Sakura has many other facial and body products including a wonderful hand cream called, Extra Veil ($9.95) that has triple acting moisturizing properties that work well.

The products are made in Japan and can be purchased online or by phone.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR’s only.