February 22, 2018

Icon Eyewear


Two out of the five people in my home wear glasses for seeing and all of us wear sunglasses. It is safe to say that my husband goes through a pair of shades at least twice each summer and my three girls frequently scratch, lose or break their sunglasses as well.  I seem to be the only one able to hold on to a pair longer than six months.  To say we go through a lot of them is an understatement.

Icon Eyewear is a new discovery. It sells both men’s and women’s sunglasses and glasses. Offering many of the latest styles and options in eye wear it is a great place to stop, browse and shop.  Shipping is available all over the world too.  You can shop by lens filter, frame color, style and more.  There are almost too many to choose!  It doesn’t stop there.  Icon Eyewear offers reading and reading driver’s glasses as well.  The website has an outlet section too.  Not sure what pair to purchase?  Icon offers a 7-day full money back guarantee. You can send back the pair if they aren’t suitable, are damaged or don’t fit properly at not additional cost to you.  Perfect for trying on multiple pairs at home just like you would in the store.

Icon Eyewear offers on trend and classic style sunglasses and reading glasses for both men and women.  Prices are affordable and ordering is easy.